Here with the Winter

This story is a love letter to Ohio.  Set in the early l960’s, the novel follows the arrival of Jessie Conrad to a street named Meadow Drive.  There, readers witness the dedication of a mother to her two young children, who explore and roam the village with their new friends and neighbors.
HERE WITH THE WINTER is a peaceful story of seasons, with a built-in ‘soundtrack’ of melodies and memories.  It illustrates the kinship of nature and neighbors, all under the church bells of the bustling village of West Emmette.
There is something to enjoy in these pages for moms, young adults, boys, girls, and even dads.  The novel shares the value of exploration, fresh air, family, and wonder.  It features clock collecting, the early American rifle, the importance of newspapers, going to a county fair, and a pondering about Time.


Book Excerpt

His desk was strewn with notebook paper, scribbled across fully with thick, dark pencil script. His penmanship – artistic in boldly crossed ‘t’s and deeply looped ‘d’s – a penmanship of its own song, reflected an interesting mind. While a scholarship was never within reach at a university, it was his regardless, from his soul, and books, and adventures.


“The author captured the essence of rural America in the 1960s … and managed a wide array of characters well, tying subplots together and keeping the reader wanting more.”

Judge, 30th Annual Writer’s Digest
self-published Book Awards


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